Energy medicine is for you if:

  • You want to take a big step towards healing yourself and feeling better with the help of a great and safe method.
  • You are looking for ways to complement your doctor’s medical advice with natural practices of Energy Medicine so you can live longer in good health, enjoy more vitality and experience superb mind-body connection.
  • You are tired of crisis-intervention style medicine and want to be empowered to take control of your own health by working with your body’s energy systems.

This path is for everyone, at any age, with any health condition.

During the sessions the practitioner will help you learn the language of your body, re-balance its energies, and encourage their free flow to help you live your life at its full potential.

This site offers resources and classes to broaden your skills and your awareness of body & mind.

Energy medicine recognises energy as a vital, living moving force that determines much about health and happiness. In Energy medicine, energy is the medicine and energy is the patient.

You heal the body by activating its natural healing energies, you also heal the body by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.

Energy medicine is both a complement to other systems of medical care and, in itself, a complete system for self-care and self-help. It targets physical illness and emotional disorders, and helps promote wellness and peak performance. (From LearnEnergyMedecine, Innersource 2015).

Specific areas Energy Medicine can improve

  • Long-term resilience and vitality as your body learns healthy energy habits, you are less likely to experience negativity and depression
  • Hormonal and fertility issues
  • Mental clarity and problems related to ageing
  • Pain relief through a number of very effective and “first aid” tools
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Emotional balance through centering and calming yourself energetically
  • Making healthy choices by doing energy tests for food and supplements
  • Strengthening the immune system and freeing the body from removing toxins from the body
  • Connection to the wellsprings of joy and sparking higher experience and growth
  • Managing stress: This method allows you to think clearly and to re-center emotionally in stressful situations, without initiating the fight-flight-or-freeze response. It trains your system to get off the continuous alert position -an energy sucker- and gives back balance, health and vitality.

And much, much more...

A core difference between Energy Medicine and Conventional Medicine

A key concept to understand is that « diagnosis » and « treatment » have a different meaning in Energy Medicine than they do in conventional medicine. In conventional medicine, you diagnose and treat an illness. In Energy Medicine, you assess where the energy system needs attention and correct energy imbalances. Physical illnesses can be a clue, but they are not the focus. For instance, a stomach ache might point towards an imbalance in the Heart meridian for one person, in the Liver meridian for another, and the Stomach meridian for the third. The same physical symptoms can reflect different kinds of problems in your energy system and call for different energy interventions. (From LearnEnergyMedicine, Innersource 2015)

The first session is an assessment session, where I hear about your health conditions and what you want to change. I can show you the process. You can ask any relevant questions and decide if this is the right place for you.

With the help of energy kinesiology I first assess your body’s basic energies. Energetic imbalances can be simply resolved through surprisingly powerful counterbalancing Energy Medicine techniques.

After a quick energy balancer treatment, which makes your energies relaxed and receptive, we can go to a deeper level of assessment. We can track further energy blockages, irregularities, imbalances, which need a treatment. I will then activate, strengthen and rebalance the healthy flow of energies and show you different ways to help you restoring it yourself.

Based on the assessments I will design your individualised energy routines as homework. Doing regular vitalising exercises will make your energy system more robust and eliminate energetic vulnerabilities. You will be empowered to gain overall health, healing and vitality.

Standard sessions take an hour and a half and cost 120€, a package of four sessions is offered with a reduction of 50€.

Sessions are paced according to your rhythm and mostly booked during the working day.

For help with specific conditions, booking 6-8 sessions is recommended to gain the greatest benefit. But it really depends on your specific health condition, how long you have had it, how regularly you exercise and so on.

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Date Time Details
29/08/2020 08:45-17:00 Energy Medicine for beginners Part I (in English) A fun, information packed introduction to Eden Energy Medicine with lots of hands-on practice teaching you how to work with your own energies for greater health, joy and vitality.
21/11/2020 08:45-17:00 Energy Medicine for beginners Part II (in English) This fun interactive workshop builds on the part I of the course with lots of hands-on practice teaching you how to balance your energy, release pain, test food for greater health, joy and vitality.

Book a session with Tove.

For successful coaching it is essential that I understand your goals and what they mean for you. We also look at the challenges that are slowing you down and what impact these challenges have on different areas of your life.

According to your objectives and the difficulties your are facing, we will work to:

  • Clarify Your direction
  • Strategically plan actions
  • Upgrade your skills
  • Optimise your environment
  • Master your psychology

Session frequencies need to be defined on a case-by-case basis and are mostly booked during the work hours. We can have face-to-face meetings. Sessions over the phone and Skype are possible too.

Founder of Energy Medicine Luxembourg, Tove Thyes has insight for identifying the blocks and energy imbalances that limit health-minded people's vitality and personal power. An accomplished Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner and on-fire enthusiastic success coach, Tove delivers high-impact transformation that clears inner blocks to vibrant health and success.

After seventeen years of advising managers on change, development and optimization in an international bank and a top 20 Luxembourg company, Tove left the Corporate world to realize her passion. She brings her transformational work to her clients from all over Europe, through her Energy Medicine work and her training events.

Tove draws on her rich experience and education to bring a down-to-earth balance to her work and teachings. In addition to her Energy Medicine expertise, Tove earned a post-graduate degree D.E.S.S. Gestion Européenne et Internationale from La Sorbonne University, Paris, a Maîtrise en Droit Privé from Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg, a Diplôme d’Etudes Comptables et Financières from INTEC, Paris as well as a Maîtrise Administration économique er sociale from Freie Universität Berlin and Paris XII University.

Languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English and Norwegian.

On Energy Medicine sessions

HTML5 Icon Tove's energy work helped and accompanied me in such a deep way to go through a very intensive psychotherapy due to trauma symptoms (CPTSD). She helped me to understand in an incredibly deep way the symptoms in which my body ‚spoke‘ to me. This helped me in a very profound way to energetically process some really deep emotions. I‘m incredibly grateful for her precious work and I cannot stop calling her my ‚energetical’ life-saver! Joëlle, Luxembourg.

HTML5 Icon I love Tove's energy! I felt really safe and cared for in the session. She is really intuitive and skilled and the session flowed so well. I thank her for the fantastic treatment, it felt really deep and transformative and was perfect for me. I felt so  much better and in balance for the rest of the day and I had been struggling before. Tove is an awesome practitioner and a joy to work with! P.B., UK

HTML5 Icon The treatment was one of the best I have received. I like Tove's attention to detail. One part I really enjoyed was the firmness of her touch. I really trust Tove's intuition. She has a natural strength of listening & the sense of humor & giggles she brings to the session really made me feel comfortable in her presence & I felt I could open up to her & completely surrender. Thank you very much.  R.P., UK

On Energy Medicine classes

HTML5 Icon I think Tove taught brilliantly. Really naturally, easily, gracefully. Her explanations were great. She seemed really grounded and relaxed. Fielding questions well. P.H., Innersource faculty, UK

HTML5 Icon I was really happy and grateful by all I received about the content, the tools, the answers, the support and the complement to many different approaches I've touched on before. In addition of the body wellness exercises, it was also a great moment to be welcomed at Tove's place who had put a lot of thought into every detail : snacks, tea, water, dry fruit and a bio lunch in the garden ! I really appreciated how everything was thoroughly prepared: Structure of the day, rhythm, answers, respect of the participants, listening and observing us, choice of the exercises. The use of the whiteboard and the copies, added to her speech and the body exercises we have done and repeated - allowed me to better integrate. Even if my exercise was not 'perfect', she 'corrected' me, with a diplomatic repetition adding what I forgot. Now on my own, I remember it and do it completely. In conclusion : It was worthwhile and more, I even forgot it was a bank holiday ;-D B.D., Luxembourg